Meet Bandung, Indonesian professional lomographer

Oki Adityo Nugroho (lomohome : ngoki) was my classmate of master degree of communication back in 2007-2008. He was the first people who introduced me to the world of lomography, the world that change my boring life into the colorfull life. Speaking of colorfull life, his exhibition titled was : Oki Adityo Nugroho X Exsport : Live Colorfully.
Credits: hervinsyah
On June 23rd, 2012, Oki with Exsport, one of Bandung and Indonesian’s oldest bag production, held the exhibition of his lomography photo for Exsport product at Exsport Exhibition store in Bandung Indah Plaza, the oldest shopping center which is still operated in Bandung, Indonesia. The exhibition not only showing Oki’s lomography photo on their product, but also held the catwalk who use the product of Oki X Exsport. Meanwhile the model do their job on red carpet, Oki, together with his brother Teguh (lomohome : teguharyo) and Lukman (lomohome : mikejugalukman) dj-ing & visualizing with lomography photo (if I’m not mistaken it called LVA : Lomo Visual Audio)
Credits: hervinsyah
When the breaktime coming, I really curious with Oki’s photo. So I enter the exhibition store and very amazed with his photo which was fulfill the store, but the one that attracted me most was his giant wall photo cause it’s the first time I saw giant photo from tiny 135mm cliche (redneck me T-T =) Oh, I forgot to focus with my title. Yes, for his work, Oki were paid by Exsport which in my opinion he could called as professional lomographer. Actually after digital era and there are so many newbie digital photographer who raised money from their digital camera in my country, the word “professional” become an ambigue and debatable word at expert discourse. But what the heaven with digital expert, for me Oki is the real pro and my idol also inspiration.

written by hervinsyah on 2012-07-17


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