My Top 17 favorite Indonesian lomohomes of 2014


Two years ago to celebrating Indonesia Independence Day every August 17th, I have an idea to make a list about my favoirite Indonesia lomographer . I choose 17 from the date of our Independence day. I can’t believe at that time so many positive feedback that I’ve got from the 17 lomographer that I adore also at other Indonesian lomographer who were not on the list and hoping they will be on the list next year. But when I made this list again last year , the lomographer who were hoping that they were on the list next year which is last year and I have put them on the list last year seems like didn’t interested anymore, also other lomographer on the list, maybe because they are too busy or didn’t care anymore. And this year I’m try to making this 17 list again and didn’t care if anybody care or no, I just writing what I feel about many great Indonesian people with many great talent and also good photo at their lomohomes. The list from one until 17 is based on alphabetical order, so it’s not a rank of the most favorite =p Enjoy

1. Abi a.k.a. @didjitalsin

From the story that I heard, he was one of the first lomographer from Bandung with my classmate @ngoki . I should put him on my first 17 fave list two years ago but I haven’t found his lomohomes. I actually never met him but I adore his photo using lomo camera at his facebook account long time ago. He shoot a lot of awesome cutting edge music scene gig in Bandung.

Credits: didjitalsin

2. Aditya Handoyo a.k.a. @aditya-handoyo

I saw his lomohomes when click the tag “Indonesia” and he is very enthusiast with film. He always bought a lot of variety film that he haven’t try. Actually we rarely meet, only at Film Photography Day and once at Seni Abadi photo lab. Oh, he is also get an award of Lomo Home Of The Day couple month ago.

Credits: aditya-handoyo

3. Aldo Kepank a.k.a. @caukulutuk

Just like @didjitalsin I also should put @caukulutuk at my first top 17 list two years ago but same with @didjitalsin I haven’t found his lomohomes at that time. His fisheye photo that my classmate @ngoki show to me at @ngoki ‘s macbook made me fall in love at the first sight with fisheye camera. So, beside @ngoki who introducing me to the world of lomography for the first time, @caukulutuk ’s fisheye photo also introducing me to my first love of fisheye camera. We met once at Lomonesia Bandung gathering couple years ago but didn’t chat at all because I’m too shy to talk to senior hahaha. Besides fisheye, his LC-A photo are also very stunning.

Credits: caukulutuk

4. Arief Soemaryanto a.k.a. @vespa66

I met him for the first time at Lomonesia Bandung event couple years ago. At that time he is very quiet haha, until we always did a lomowalk with other Bandungnese we became a lomo friend now and also my friend when watching our fave local football club, Persib Bandung. He have a lot of great 2nd hand camera also many film. He is trusted informan in our group when some re-seller sell a great 2nd hand camera or film.

Credits: vespa66

5. Dani a.k.a. @dahan

An Indonesian who worked in Taiwan. His photo is great. I can feel it that he snap the object with his feeling. We never meet actually, I just adore his photo.

Credits: dahan

6. David Dawad a.k.a. @robotto_dawad

He is a great video editor who editing Bandung Lomo Gank lomomatrix video at Film Photography Day 2014. He is also @bebopbebop dynamic duo and he also have a great wedding photo using LC-A.

Credits: robotto_dawad

7. Ekeu Pratama a.k.a. @ekeupratama

Bachelor of Japan literature who are not enthusiast to work in Japan and now became a civil servant at Industry department in Jakarta, Indonesia. He have been a Lomo Home Of The Day and Photo Of The Day at international site for more than once. So I think I didn’t have to describe how great his photo is. One thing I learn from him is his spirit to do lomowalk. You can see the fire in his glasses hehehe, he is very careful with every shot he snap because film for us Indonesian is very expensive. Outside of photo thing he is a very good friend also The Beatles Mania just like me, yeah yeah yeah. I think it’s about the time to see him as a Lomo Amigo and Lomo Guru.

Credits: ekeupratama

8. Fajar Adiputra a.k.a. @fadjaradiputra

I always admire an architect because their vision are just out of the box for usual thinker people like me. @fadjaradiputra is an architecture student and he have a deadly weapon named Nikon FM. With his FM he have producing hundred of great photo. I think it’s about the time to see him as a Lomo Home Of The Day, Photo Of The Day, Lomo Amigos and Lomo Guru.

Credits: fadjaradiputra

9. Harkit Sasmito a.k.a. @kikifrenger

Actually I never meet him but he is very famous at Indonesia facebook group of film as a one of complete film re-seller. He have a link with film factory, how cool is that. And when you see his lomohome you will also find his talent as a good film photographer.

Credits: kikifrenger

10. Idham Aidilfi a.k.a. @idhamaidilfi

Film camera enthusiast who part-time worker and a college student too. He have a great 2nd hand camera with delectable cheap price. I think he is a smart buyer, unfortunately he is rare process his film, maybe because he is very busy doing work and college thing. But I can guarantee that he is one of Bandungnese analogue lover who fall in love with analogue lifestyle.

Credits: idhamaidilfi

11. Juniardi Giugno a.k.a. @juniardigiugno

Bachelor of art who also a body painter and Lego mania hahaha. He have a lot of great Horizon Perfekt photo. I’m envy with a lot of his good trip photo in Bali, Vietnam, Kamboja, etc. He is also a great lomowalk friend and have a good also very funny sense of humor =p

Credits: juniardigiugno

12. Muhammad Fajar Hidayat a.k.a. @fajaryayat

Makassarnese who live in Bandung and one of famous black and white processer in Indonesia facebook analogue photography group. He also have a lot of great black and white street photography. I learn a lot from him but my bw photo are still sucks T_T.

Credits: fajaryayat

13. Muhammad Ridwan a.k.a. @ridwanfals

Long time no see of a good lomowalk friend. He is a medical doctor student, maybe he is a medical doctor now because I’m lost contact with him. He have a lot of great oldiest camera and his family is one of a great photo journalist at Kompas, the best newspaper in Indonesia.

Credits: ridwanfals

14. Nadea Nabilla a.k.a. @nadeanp

Friend of @achmad-magabutz we only met once at our lomowalk at Sasak Saat, the longest train railway tunnel in Jawa (Java), Indonesia. She has a great holga camera. Haha, I don’t know much about her but if you see her lomohomes she capture her dailylife very well with her analogue camera.

Credits: nadeanp

15. Riani Singgih a.k.a. @rianieve

Sister of @meitads I met her once when me and the Bandungnese were meet-up with her sister in Bandung couple of month ago. She have many adorable trip photo. Very envy with her around the world trip haha. But I really adore her cinestill photo series of beautiful night time in Japan. And not long from now she will chasing her career to be a movie director in the USA, what an awesome faculty to have after graduating from high school. I wish her will be one of Indonesian great movie director in the future.

Credits: rianieve

16. Tiadi Pramiko a.k.a. @tiadipramiko

I only did a lomowalk once with him but we always accidentaly met at Seni Abadi photo lab. He can’t did lomowalk with us because he is very busy with his college on Saturday, the usual day of Bandung Lomo Gang lomowalk schedule. He is very enthusiast with analogue camera. He also have a lot of good daily life photo, just check his home.

Credits: tiadipramiko

17. Yongky a.k.a. @yongkek

I knew him late, I should put him at my first 17 fave list two years ago but at that time I haven’t knew about his great skill. He made a great mix media art such as scratch the cliche and collage the photo which is very simple but never think of it before for usual inside the box thinker like me. Unfortunately he only upload a few of his photo at his lomohome. Maybe you could check his work at the link of his profile.

Credits: yongkek

written by hervinsyah on 2014-08-06


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