Fairy Tale Locations: Dusun Bambu, Cisarua, Lembang (suburb above Bandung), Indonesia


After viewing @bebopbebop amazing album at Dusun Bambu, @fadjaradiputra ask me @dhamable @ekeupratama & @vespa66 to did lomowalk at that nature fairy tale place which located in Cisarua, Lembang, suburb above Bandung, Indonesia.

Dusun Bambu is Indonesian language means Bamboo Village. And yes the place is fulfill with the bamboo. In many Asian country bamboo have many fairy tale with it’s variety story at every culture of Asia.

The place is so exotic and it really like in a story book children.

Credits: hervinsyah

And ofcourse the tiny magical lake which made us want to be here. With boat that the rent cost is very cheap (the boat man said “it’s up to you”) we were enjoy the peaceful lake above the small capacity boat.

This is my favorite games when I was child. So many fairy tale story were told by my childhood friend when we were playing, what a good old days.

Credits: hervinsyah

Flower garden are always appear at every fairy tale story and look what we found, a perfect labyrinth to play hide and seek.

Credits: hervinsyah

I really wanna come inside this cutie house since I arrive at the lake. I just wonder is it really made from bamboo or from cake/chocolate/ice cream/pizza? yumm =9

Credits: hervinsyah

We explore this amazing nature place (they didn’t change the natural habitat at this place) at every spot. And this rattan stair is just so… epic traditionally Indonesian fairy tale. hahaha I’m too much type fairy tale, sorry if you get bored =p

Credits: hervinsyah

Captain Hook whoops I mean Captain @fadjaradiputra this broken boat just put in there. So epic for fairy tale background photo theme.

Credits: hervinsyah

Look what Captain Hook errr I mean @fadjaradiputra did when I ask him to shoot me with my Schmidt 135mm camera. It’s like in fairy tale, I’m walking above the water.

written by hervinsyah on 2014-04-17


  1. dahan
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    kamu memang luar biasa ;)

  2. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Apanya yang luar biasa mas @dahan ? hahaha matur nuwun =)

  3. tiadipramiko
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    pengen ikutan duh @hervinsyah, sayang sekali semester ini jdwal padat tiap hri sabtu nya ckckc :((

  4. hervinsyah
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    @tiadipramiko mabal (bolos) aja mik, jangan sampe kuliah mengganggu hobi moto pake film HAHAHAHAHA ajakan sesat 8D

  5. herbert-4
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    Wonderful blog!!

  6. tiadipramiko
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    @hervinsyah buset dah kang mun mabal bah siap" kena SP :D , Dosen ku Killer semua heheh :D

  7. hervinsyah
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    Many thanks for your support Mr @herbert-4

  8. nindita03
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    nice! gw udah lama bgt pengen kesini tapi belom sempet. thanks for the sneak peek :D

  9. hervinsyah
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    Sama2 @nindita03 kalo kesini pulangnya jangan lupa tiket masuknya dituker sama bibit pohon

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    yang pasti dingin alias tiris nih, :D , mantap kang !

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    Fantastic nature wow ;-)

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    Many thanks @sasamra =D