Festivals on Film: Au Revoir Simone concert at Skye 56th floor, Jakarta, Indonesia


Yesterday, on March 23rd, 2014 was the happiest Sunday of my life because I met my favorite band for the first time.

Credits: hervinsyah

It started in 2006 when I found a unique band name at free mp3 share site sonicx.com. The band name is Au Revoir Simone. Their music remind me of my childhood when my mom bought me a mini casio. They also a LomoAmigo http://www.lomography.com/magazine/lomoamigos/2009/08/19/bonjour-simone-on-the-road-with-au-revoir-simone . Years go by but I never get a chance to see their concert until @adi_totp told me that my favorite band will held a concert in Jakarta, Indonesia and I didn’t want to miss this golden moment.

The concert place are so high, at the 56th floor of Menara BCA and the name place is SKYE. Before the gig begin there was a fashionshow of Roberto Cavalli’s collection.

Finally the night that I always waiting since 2006 are started. One by one Annie Hart, Erika Spring Forster and Heather D’Angelo come up to the stage. I’m lost control, record this moment with my handycam and with annoyingly scream behind Annie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rI_5lth7usE . I’m sorry for doing that, Annie.

Credits: hervinsyah

The crowd are starting crazy. Most of them and me who sit before they come up to the stage slowly come closer to the stage and sing along with our idol.

My position is close to Erika Spring so I take a lot of her stage act eventhough a lot of photo result are underexposure, overexposure & blur T_T

Heather D’Angelo are quite hard to shot because she stand far from me. But over all this is the best concert music that I attend in 2014..no, in my life.

After the good moment, suddenly bad luck moment come to me. First, the security stopped me to record my favorite band with my handycam. He considering handycam as a professional camera. He told me to recording the concert using phone cell but my old school phone cell produce bad quality video. Super saddest moment of my first Au Revoir Simone gig. I understand the security only do the job which order by his leader. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbbiXN4HTos

Second, buy this vinyl which cost Rp 200.000 ($ 18) but I’m in a hurry to chase Annie Hart to take a picture, so I didn’t check the vinyl condition which still covered with the plastic. When I open it at the car, I’m very shocked. There are a lot of kind of paint or something at the vinyl which made the vinyl looks dirty T_T

Last, my photo with Annie Hart after the gig was burn because the mistake of the photo lab T_T I should watch their gig again, wish me luck.

Credits: hervinsyah

written by hervinsyah on 2014-03-24


  1. antiox
    antiox ·

    @hervinsyah Nice blog entry. I could imagine how it feels seeing your most favorite band in the world perform in your hometown. I checked out their music and I instantly loved them! I love it when I discover / find new music to listen to. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    @antiox : Thanks and welcome to the ARS fans family =D You know what, before they were concert in Indonesia they were perform at Zouk, Singapore

  3. aditya-handoyo
    aditya-handoyo ·

    aduh pingin banget bikin kaya beginian tentang band kesukaan tapi apa daya bahasa inggris masih blepotan wahahahah

  4. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    @aditya-handoyo : bahasa ingris saya juga parah banget koq, coba aja di klik link diatas yang versi artikelnya, berubah jauh aka diedit ahbis2an ma editornya hahaha