Picture This: Passion to shot my hometown, Bandung, Indonesia


I really enjoy shot my hometown, eventhough it’s boring because compare to other famous city in other country, my hometown is so so, tend to pathetic urban city to shot.

Many expert said that the world is too large to capture on the photo. That’s why many photographer, amateur or professional love to hunting object far from their place. I really wanna do that too, but I can’t because I’m still jobless.

On February 1985, I was born in Bandung, Indonesia from Minangnese mother and Sundanese father. But since 1990 until 2002 I move to another town and back again to Bandung in 2002. It’s like there is something missing to my memories of this city between 1990 until 2002 eventhough at that periode I usually back to Bandung at least once in a year.

May I introduce to you, Gedung Sate, the landmark of the city. It was build in Dutch colonial era (1600 – 1942) and the six ball at the stick at the center of the roof of the building is a sign that this building was build with cost six million gulden. But local folk called that building as Gedung Sate. Gedung (building) and Sate is Madura (the land near East Java) traditional delicacies, made from chicken/sheep/cow meat that put at a thin sharp bamboo name Tusuk sate. Many cultural expert said that this building is not suitable as a landmark because not like Liberty statue in New York or Eiffel tower in Paris which is tourist destination that can be entered by the tourist, in Gedung Sate which use by the Jawa Barat (West Java) province government as an office, not all the people could enter the building. You should ask permission to the authority. But whatever opinion about this building, the fact many tourist come to take a photo at this landmark of Bandung.

What made me sad most is there are so many historical place that I haven’t photographed yet were destroyed by the opportunist rich businessman/woman to build the commercial mall/shopping center/hotel which is already soooo many in Bandung. But thanks God I have the opportunity to shoot this small place of Nippon colonialism era (1942 – 1945) before it was destroyed and change with the new place at the near location.

This is the small place that I talking about at above paragraph. Met the old (and the original) Masjid Al-Hikmah. This old small place was a prostitution house in Japan/Nippon colonialist era back in 1942-1945. Many Indonesian woman are forced to served Japanese soldier’s evil desire. After the independence, this place are being the mosque. Unfortunately the building was destroyed by businessman who own the land and they build the new Mesjid Al-Hikmah across the street, but it never same anymore. I don’t know, maybe they consider this heritage building didn’t important at all. Lucky me I have capture this building eventhough not in it’s best form because the lack of flash/lighting and my imbecile photography skill.

I miss the moment when praying at this place.

Nowaday Bandung are famous with culinary and fashion by other local tourist. It’s because we made a lot of modification of most famous international culinary such as steak, hamburger or Japanese food with local taste. But if you’re a Japanese or fashionable Parisian, or Milanese you will be laughing with what you found in our boutique. So forget (and forgive =) Bandung plagiarism and if you want to enjoy the real Bandung just escape from the city to the crater Tangkuban Parahu mountain. It’s located at Cikole, Lembang, suburb above Bandung.

Credits: hervinsyah

Hmm but it’s out of focus. I want to write about my passion shoot my city. The creativity and the craziness that is common thing in Bandung.

Credits: hervinsyah

And because my most popular photo is the photo that I shoot near my custom photo lab which is inside of the city, I will never stop snip and snap around my lovely hometown, Bandung, Indonesia.

Credits: hervinsyah

written by hervinsyah on 2014-02-03


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    Yes, you should deal with the home much more.
    I also often find myself saying that I much more to photograph in a foreign land, as at home. Here, everyone knows each other there is much better and should also use more often.
    A beautiful post, thank you for this!

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    Thanks Mr Lutz @fotohelmut

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