Travel Bucket List: I wanna go back to Pantai (beach) Pandawa, Bali, Indonesia


I went to Pantai (beach) Pandawa when spent the new year holiday in Bali, Indonesia. This is the perfect place for peaceful atmosphere beach lover.

It named Pantai Pandawa because there are five statue of Pandawa figure from Sanskrit epic Mahabaratha plus Dewi Kunti statue at the entrance road to the beach

A few of small canoe welcoming me at the front of the beach. And look at the water, sooo cleaannn and blueee and greeen. makes me wanna swim but my boss (my dad) are not allowed because we are in a hurry to other trip destination.

The white sand, the blue water, and the sun shining brightly are really cure my bad mood because since I came to Bali on December 31st, 2013 until I went back home to Bandung on January 7th, 2014 Bali always have a heavy rain.

The traditional boat that parking at the offshore made the atmosphere much more exotic.

And just like everywhere in Bali you will find “sesajen”, kind of some thing such as flower, fruit, candy, etc. put on the road or other place as a pray to God. This is Bali, the land of God and you will found it at evry beach in Bali include at Pantai Pandawa.

The wave is so massive but many people are happily swim and ignore this “do not swim” flag. But not to worry, not to tight and relax because there is a lot of David Hasselhoff, whoops, I mean beach lifeguard who watch the swimmer.

Bored with swimming? You can also jogging or just take a self lomowalk or double date romantic walk with your lover at the side of the beach road.

The massive wave that hit the rock are very epic moment to capture, but not with very expired Kodak EPY that produce retro color.

Shoot this very naturally beautiful color beach with very expired film made me regret and wanna come back soon to Pantai Pandawa and shoot with fresh film or expired slide film that still produce a good xpro color.

written by hervinsyah on 2014-01-22


  1. belijong
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    mantep gan

  2. hervinsyah
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    trims @belijong

  3. aseox
    aseox ·

    saya suka bali, hidup persib !

  4. hervinsyah
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    @aseox haha Bali jegeg, Persib nu aing

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    siap kang @hervinsyah salam