Random Photos, Uploaded 21 August 2012

Random photos, shot with Yashica Microtec Zoom 70. They were developed at Walgreen La Crescenta, who sent them out to Fuji for developement. I only got back a disk and a set of prints. FUJI THROWS AWAY THE NEGATIVES AND ONLY SENDS THE PHOTOS BACK TO THE WALLGREEN'S BY INTERNET AS .jpg's. No more business to Wallgreen or Fuji.


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    Drop off your film at Camera Color in La Cañada, sure it takes between 2-3 for it to come back. However, you get not only your negatives back but a CD and a set of prints. Its a bummer we no longer develop in house, but the lab we send out film to does an amazing job! Its the only reason I started shooting film again.

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