Zenit KM Plus, Bought from Lomography Shop

Bought a Zenit KM Plus from Lomography Shop on the Internet on sale and with some Piggies. It's a very capable, good camera with long exposure automatic capability. Just needs a cable release socket.


  1. davecmorrow
    davecmorrow ·

    I've wanted this camera for quite awhile now but have been told they are not very reliable. Have you had any problems with yours??? It looks like a great camera :)

  2. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    @davecmorrow Prior to Zenit KM Plus, there was Zenit KM that was very unreliable. I have a Zenit KM Plus, and the only issue I've had with it, is that becomes erratic and won't rewind as the batteries get low. I would advise using AA lithiums in it, if you can afford them. I, also, could have just been very lucky. Good luck and enjoy!! Herb

  3. davecmorrow
    davecmorrow ·

    @herbert-4 thanks for the info... I think I will have to buy myself one :)

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