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  • Scan it Your Way

    written by haziqhashim on 2012-08-07 #gear #tutorials
    Scan it Your Way

    To those who cannot afford to buy a flatbed scanner with a film mask to scan films, try this, a cheap film scanner for all. It is easy to try and harmless to do. Just follow these few steps to scan your films and get your negative digitalized. Others might have wrote about this too, but this is how i'm scanning my films. Different people come out with different ways!

  • My First Analogue Outing in Jakarta

    written by haziqhashim on 2012-07-02
    My First Analogue Outing in Jakarta

    It's been a while since I've shoot analogue with a group of analogue lover. Worse situation is, I know no one with the same interest like me here in Jakarta as I come from Malaysia but studying in Jakarta. Until, one day when I found out an event organized by local analogue community, I didn't hesitate to join!

  • When Long Exposure Meets Multi-Coloured Flash

    written by haziqhashim on 2012-05-01 #gear #tutorials
    When Long Exposure Meets Multi-Coloured Flash

    I love to see pictures taken with long exposure mode that give outcomes like light painting, light trail, star trail and etc. So I came up with an idea: what if I combine the long exposure technique with multi-coloured flash? In my experiment, I'm using my holga 12MFC flash. Read on to see how it works.

  • East Malaysia, Sibu: The Heart of Sarawak

    written by haziqhashim on 2012-03-12 #places
    East Malaysia, Sibu: The Heart of Sarawak

    Sibu is a place like no other. One of the main cities in Sarawak, once a favored small town of the white rajah of Sarawak, Rajah Brooke as it controlled all the activities of central region. In history textbooks, it states how the locals lead by Rosli Dhobi stood up and fought against the British. Sibu is where history and different cultures mix together into one.