The Haus of Skrastins


the Haus of Skrastins is an alternative conceptual art house and marketing firm catering to music and music industry clientele that would normally not access such a service.


Project and roster based the Haus of Skrastins aims to provide a cohesive presentation for the clients project all under one roof. This scales back the time and energy the client would use to seek the multiple sources it would take to launch a project. This allowing them to focus on what they do best and the Haus of Skrastins taking over the branding and overall visual concepts. This will enable the clients finished product to be an inviting purchase for the clients fan base and to be recognized as a viable investment for other businesses in the music industry.

Products and Services

The Haus of Skrastins provides the following in house services

Concept consulting (Overall public presentation)



Graphic design

The Haus of Skrastins can outsource the following services



Screen printing

Event planning

Product production / Packaging

Haus Skrastins

Canadian Art Director / Film Photographer Who goes by Haus Skrastins of (the Haus of Skrastins) is not your average creative. Skrastins noticeable anomalistic methods and his stanch loyalty to traditional film and his subject matter / client base within the Music industry sets him apart from the rest due to a stream lined focus and vision as an industry specific service provider. Skrastins work has continuity yet it's candid and untamed; which provides a sincerity few could fabricate.

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