Test in Progress

We are in the midst of figuring it out....


  1. etxenike
    etxenike ·

    Was this your first roll? It seems you had the same problem I had with my first batch, trusting the lighting indoors was good enough with a slow film (the first rolls I could get were just 100 ISO....)
    I´ve switched to faster film now (400 ISO) and am picking up the first results tomorrow!

    I loved your outdoor pics! Looking forwards to seeing more!

  2. h-a-l-l
    h-a-l-l ·

    Thanks for your coment and encouragement! The first roll I used was 200 ISO, the cheapest I could buy off the store for initial experimentations (figured no point in heavy capital investment for the first few tries). I did noticed that in-door shots and shooting under shaded conditions were more demanding if the film is a lower ISO. I'm trying out 400 ISO now and looking forward to seeing the results!

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