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    iso 100 set

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    "Depart is just the beginning of your journey back home"

  • Camera Collections: faaabii rediscovers analogue

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    Camera Collections: faaabii rediscovers analogue

    A web developer by profession and a skater and fingerboarder on the side, Fabian-or faaabii, as we know him in the community-divides most of his time between flipping tricks for websites and on boards of different sizes, and indulging in analogue photography. Bored by the crisp reality of digital, he stumbled upon Lomography around five years ago and has been addicted ever since. He now owns over two dozen analogue cameras, a dozen or so accessories, and more than a hundred rolls of film on hand. A round of applause please, for faaabii and his fantastic camera collection!

  • 白鳥の飛来駅 -Swan Station

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    From ”filmsoup-swap” project with my favorite photographer fotobes. About this photo I shot first in Japan, and then he started shooting in UK. After finishing the roll he ”cooked” the film. On completing the roll, he mixed together some boiled water with silica gel and washing detergent, and left it to cool a little. Then he went into his make-shift darkroom and pulled out the film from the canister. Next he flicked and dabbed the ”soup” onto the exposed film. He waited for a few minutes and then rewound the film into the canister. Afterwards he went to the kitchen and dropped the film into just-boiled water, and after 5 minutes I transferred it into cold water for a minute. Then back in the darkroom he pulled the film out from the canister again and dried it with a hairdryer, and when done he rewound the film. The film was then developed at Asda, and scanned at The Vault in Brighton. We don’t discuss what we have each taken photographs of, so the results are always a surprise. Check out fotobes’s album from the same project.

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  • they're now taking down the children's hospital ..

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    the Diana glass lens has become one of my favourite tools .. really like it !

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  • painting with light and the LC-A

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    i really can't remember how i made these because i could not use a cable release with my old LC-A besided from the fact i didn't even had one back then.

  • Double with Fendy Fazeli

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  • photo-lomo-mushrooms walk with a friend

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    My second roll in the Smena 8M. I used some Fujifilm 200 that I made into redscale for this roll. However, it appears that for most of the shots I had my exposure off by too much and the results were grainy blobs instead of deep rich red scale goodness. I normally try to do 1-2 stops over, depending on the film. In this case, I was shooting for around 2 over but for whatever reason it looks like it just went haywire. Oh well.

  • Hemiksem

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  • Lomoworkshop

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    with two kids my girlfriend is working with

  • Spring time in Tübingen

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  • Weeeeeee

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    Got to go on a catamaran on my weekend at the Big Island! I saw a whole bunch of whales (one swam right by the boat! But I missed it...), big manta rays, and swam with dolphins! Unfortunately, it wasn't quite bright enough for 200, so a whole bunch of my photos are a smidge blurry :(

  • HNY

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  • her name is CINDY!

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    one day with her :D's Photo of the Day - March 13 2013

  • Doubles with 134340 #2

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  • Lunatic Highway

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    After shooting a roll, take it into a dark room and open the film. Then sprinkle hot water filled with baking soda all around on the film, with flicking my fingers. Rewind it and put into a pan and pour water, and boiled it for about 5 minutes. Rinse and dry, and cross-deveop it. Done!

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  • Summer 2013

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    Some more summer shots from 2013. The Kodak Elite Chrome EB is not easy to handle, but I like this film.

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  • Eurotrip №1

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    Spinner 360

  • Saou, my village

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    The best place to live in the world... ;-)

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  • 秋の嵐山 -Kyoto in autumn

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  • Macro magic

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    I was stunned with the result as i took it with a very simple macro lens which was lying in my camera cupboard for decades....thought to give a try but the result no words got hooked to this new fondness to macro photography took it with a diana lens on a nikon adaptor for F80 Truely a valuble piece was that macro lens do check that lens in many camera store u may get one and start macroing

  • Xproed Pond

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    I've been in bed the last 2 weeks because a medical condition that appeared from nowhere. Being in bed for so long makes you see things in a different way, you change your perspective and your priorities. You can get a bit depressed too (I won't deny it) but if you keep having dreams and ideas (and if you keep visiting your doctor!) everything becomes a little easier. So here you can see what's been in my mind this time, what kept depression away: SPRING IS HERE, so there are a lot of flowers in my garden; TAKING PICS, DEVELOP SOME ROLLS, MUSIC, MY SWEET CHIARA, who has been a huge support, THE IDEA OF GOING TO THE RIVER...

  • 宵闇幻想 -twilight fantasy

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    EBS(exposing both sides of the film) filmswap with a great photographer fotobes. He shot on normal side first, then reversed the film and I shot on redscale side. Check out the lomohome of fotobes. Also, check out my article about this tipster [How to Take Symmetrical Images with Exposing Both Sides of the Film (EBS)].

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  • sunset of Lake Biwa

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    expired Kodak UC100

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  • first roll

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  • Very First Aerochrome Infrared

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    I got my hands on some rolls of EIR Aerochrome film ... Wow! What an experience, these colors are really awesome! I was totally blown away when I finally got the negatives back! I shot the film at ISO 400 with an orange filter in the park of Castle Anholt near the Dutch Border.

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    check the greats lomohomes please =)

  • Northern Lights Tour

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    That's how northern lights look like in xpro

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