Professional amateur. Home developer of B&W and color film. Dark room enthusiast.

Tuesday May 10th 2022: Pre pandemic photos.…

Thursday April 12th 2022: Analog in Amsterdam…

Thursday April 7th 2022: Picture of the day. Many thanks to all of you who've liked and commented on my images, humbling as ever.

Tuesday March 1st 2022: One of the winners in the LomoMission: A Happy Medium competition.
Honored to be sharing this with @eskalonitoni, @popoti, @coruss and @hilomx.

Monday, January 10th 2022: Why I shoot certain things.…

Friday, December 10th 2021: What inspires me.…

Photo of the day November 18th, 2021: Again, many thanks for the kindness and comments on my images in general :)

August 18th 2021: Some interesting info about my color images.…

LomoHome of the day July 2nd, 2021: Thank you for all the love and support. Mega appreciated :)

Canon Demi EE17
Leica M4
Olympus Pen
Olympus Pen F
Olympus Pen S
Olympus Pen W
Rolleiflex Automat K4A

B&W Film:
Eastman Double X
Fomapan 400
Kodak Tri-X
Orwo N74
Orwo TF12d

Color film:
Mostly expired slide film from Kodak, some Fuji. All are cross processed.

Cinestil C41 liquid kit
Tetenal Neofin Blau

Questions? Feel free to send me a message.

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