The Shot of my year

Credits: guinastrapazi

I like this photo a lot because for me, it symbolizes what Lomography is for me. I look at the 10 golden Rules and begin to laugh,.. yep, I take my camera everywhere I go (#1), and yes, of course, I shoot day and night (#2), and in fact, i didn’t think much when i take my Diana (#6) haha and another Rule, #8 and #9: i think as many lomographers, I didn’t knew anymore what I captured on my film, and so…. this photo was just a happy accident,…. when i got the photos from the lab, i browsed through them and then found THIS. lomography makes me happy, because of accidents like this. i love it – THE SURPRISE IS MY ADDICTION! :)

This Photo was taken in Croatia so it always reminds me of this wonderful summer vacation. And I also wanted to thank all the people who made this photo to my most popular one – thank you for your likes. we share the same opinion- what a happy Lomo “mistake” :))

I wish you all a happy new Lomo year, and even though it will be the end of the world: enjoy your 2012 and LOMO ON!! :))

written by guinastrapazi on 2012-01-03