• Romantic Photoshoot: Parents

    written by guinastrapazi on 2013-02-22 #gear #tutorials
    Romantic Photoshoot: Parents

    Valentine's Day is already over I know, but nevertheless, we should not stop telling people that we love them, and that we appreciate everything they do for us. And some moments of love and happiness can be captured easily. This is a short tipster about some accessories you can use to give your Photos a romantic touch.

  • Decorative Panorama Wall

    written by guinastrapazi on 2012-09-03 #gear #tutorials
    Decorative Panorama Wall

    You've got some shots which fit perfectly together as a panorama? You have some free space in your room for Lomography? You have some time left? So, this tipster is perfect for you!

  • Plitvice Lakes National Park

    written by guinastrapazi on 2012-02-27 #places
    Plitvice Lakes National Park

    Last year in summer, I had the pleasure to visit Croatia's most famous Plitvice Lakes National Park. Now I want to tell you some facts about it and hope that you can see it yourself some time!

  • How to Make Your Own Diana Necklace

    written by guinastrapazi on 2012-02-24 #gear #tutorials
    How to Make Your Own Diana Necklace

    Ever thought about wearing a piece of analogue Lifestyle around your neck? When I saw the Diana F+ keychains I thought of having a Diana necklace... and why not try and make one by yourself from a little piece of wood and acrylic paints! Learn the steps after the jump.