Quick review of D. A. Spencer's Colour Photography in Practice book

D.A. Spencer’s Colour Photography in Practice was the first authoritative work on its subject at the very point in time when modern color photography took off. In 1966 it was extensively revised and largely rewritten by L.A. Mannheim and Lord Hanworth. It is a comprehensive book geared towards professionals and advanced amateur photography covering the fundamentals of color, color processes, color theory and practical advice.

Credits: grifflander

Chapters include: Light and color, The eye and color vision, Fundamentals of color photography, Lighting for color photography, Exposure, Reversal color films, Negative-positive color materials, Processing color materials, Printing and duplicating transparencies, Making separation negatives, Development of separation negatives, Assembly color print processes, Densitometry, Masking and color correction, Color photographs in print, Aesthetic considerations.

The book has a great glossary of technical terms in the back and the info runs quite deep. Want to know about the Gravure print process? Just head to page 336. Need to determine filter factors? Just head to page 235. Multi-layer dye masking? Page 351. Having trouble falling asleep at night? You can snuggle up with some reading about integral tripack printing materials and their separate emulsion layers. Eyelids start to get heavy, and in no time; out like a light. If the book hits the floor it will wake you with a loud bang. It weights so much because it is filled with all the important things you don’t have room for in the average brain.
The book has had several printings by The Focal Library and Amphoto. Online it runs about $10 US. If you find it at a yard sale probably about $1.

Look a great definition of Newton’s Rings: Optical pattern of irregular parallel fringes produced by interferences of light rays reflected between surfaces in imperfect contact…getting kind of sleepy…

written by grifflander on 2012-09-30