A little about me, huh? Well, I've been shooting photos on and off all my life. Heck, inspired by Jaws and Star Wars, I went to collage and took advanced film and video communication to become a filmmaker - but when that didn’t pan out, I shifted my interest to photography. Hey, I might as well use my degree SOMEhow!

I started shooting slice of life stuff, documenting instead of making art. Along the way, I started flexing my creative muscles. As you browse my photos you'll find an equal mix of highbrow artsy-fartsy stuff and family picnics and day-at-the-beach kind of stuff. But then, I’d like to think that even my Day-At-The-Beach stuff has a good composition and rises above your average snapshot.

For the last decade or so, I shot digital, starting out with a point and shoot Kodak EasyShare DX4530 Zoom. While it and it's 5 megapixels was solid enough and served me well, I was quickly suckered by the sexy bells and whistles of the Canon PowerShot S3 IS. And then when I realized that Iwas kind of taking this photography thing seriously as a hobby (you know, buying strap on lenses and whatnot) I decided to make the jump to the Canon Rebel XSi. And then, after dropping all kinds of money on flashes and filters and lenses, I wind up picking up a old Canon Rebel K2 film camera, shooting 35mm film - and now I've moved on to the completely manual Diana F+.

Ain't technology grand?


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