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On my 4th day in Pairs, I went to attend my friends Lady and Francois' wedding. It was so much fun! Everyone danced and sang and the couple even had a surprise number for everyone. Here are some snaps.


  1. walasiteodito
    walasiteodito ·

    wow tattoo kung tattoo.

  2. grazie
    grazie ·

    Oo punong puno siya ng tattoo pero magaganda lahat @walasiteodito

  3. palkina
    palkina ·

    OMG! cooll!!

  4. qrro
    qrro ·

    wow!!! and wow again!

  5. grazie
    grazie ·

    hahaha @qrro I knew you will notice this :D

  6. qrro
    qrro ·

    tattoos are suuuuuuuuuuuuuper sexy! :p

  7. vici
    vici ·

    excellent shot!

  8. boobert
    boobert ·

    @grazie ilovegirlswithtatoos! ;-)

  9. aoizumi
    aoizumi ·

    oooo this is so pretty!

  10. giovannidecarlo
    giovannidecarlo ·


  11. dreadlockboy
    dreadlockboy ·

    cool tattoo :D

  12. grazie
    grazie ·

    @boobert Iknowyoulovegirlswithtattoos @icuresick

  13. badjuju
    badjuju ·


  14. lawypop
    lawypop ·

    great capture!

  15. b0rn2b1ush
    b0rn2b1ush ·

    @boobert, balita ko nga! hahaha... ang bangis nitong girlalet na to, miswa.

  16. boobert
    boobert ·

    @b0rn2b1ush mas mabangis yn taga Madrid. haha... @grazie

  17. albeelee
    albeelee ·

    LOVE IT!

  18. elelostdog
    elelostdog ·

    amazing tatoo and shoot

  19. simonesavo
    simonesavo ·


  20. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·


  21. eusonfeliz
    eusonfeliz ·


  22. anadaaki
    anadaaki ·

    Great shot!!! I love the tattoo

  23. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Lucky tattoo artist