Thanks to you all


Hola! Just wanted to send you all my gratitude for all the likes and lovely comments for my albums most especially the “blue sky and flowers” and “Solitude” albums. The Solitude album meant a lot to me and is a personal favorite. Thanks so much for looking.

No, I’m not leaving lomo or anything like that. I love lomo too much to do that. Just that I have to sort some things out these coming days so I will be slow but I will try my best in getting back to you and look at your photos.

…..and yet again, here’s the beach for ya!

Thank you all and have a good weekend!

Credits: grazie

written by grazie on 2012-02-16


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  3. jean_louis_pujol
    jean_louis_pujol ·

    Dear Grazie! take care.

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  5. lamp
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    Glad you're not leaving - your shots are also stunning :)

  6. bloomchen
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    take care!

  7. volker-jp
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    yeah, take care. dear! Looking forward to see your new pics!

  8. emperornorton
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    You're welcome, wagon!

  9. pomps
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    thanks to you!