The Lost Roll Part 4

Another week another lost roll !

This roll must be at least 1 year old since I didn’t take my 360 spinner out with me this year when it snowed.

On a connected note I thought I would go into some detail on how I scanned these negatives and got them into a digital format since it might be of some use to some one.

I love film photography but like all things in life there are down sides to it and one of the biggest down sides is the cost of development. Normally, if you don’t have a standalone flat bed scanner that has two light sources (top and bottom), you have to enquire the cost of getting the prints onto CD so that you can get them into your computer and eventually on the web. The problem is that I (much like allot of people have a all in one scanner, printer combo thingy. Granted it does have a negative scan feature but it really cannot scan in shots from a 360 spinner or a Keno or anything that takes its shots over a number of frames.

There is however a solution ! There is a piece of software called VueScan ( which works for PC, Mac and Linux. What it does is effectively override the standard scanner software and hardware controls and lets you scan anything you want ! Hence I am able to scan in the shots from most Lomography 35mm camera. The other bonus side is that I can just pay for the processing cost which saves me money !

Now before anyone pays for Vuescan, a few words of warning. Firstly the default settings are rubbish so you do need to dig around a bit and see what works. Secondly it does not work with every scanner so please download the trail version and see if it works.

Thats all for now :-)

Credits: gotsnarky

written by gotsnarky on 2013-02-02