Monsters are on the move !

I work as a 3D animator/compositor (basically I do computer based special effects) which means that I tend to spend allot of time at my desk working away. This isn’t so bad because normally I have my cat for company. However there are times where I tend to get really bored or just cannot focus. When this happens strange things tend to happen. In this instant I was have a very slow afternoon trying to put together a 3D model for a client and was bored out of my mind. I then decide to take a break which turned out to last about 2 hours. I tock a bunch of small toy monster (mostly from kid robot) and my trusty La Sardina camera, put on the flash and popped in some 100 iso X-Pro film. I tend went about making the animation of the toys invading my desk.

Enjoy !

written by gotsnarky on 2013-01-31