Big Wheel !

One of the things I love about Lomography is the surprise factor. You go out, take a bunch of photos and wait a week for them to get developed and then you get to chill out with a glass of wine (ok that’s BS I am more of a Whiskey kinda guy) and be surprised at the photos. Your surprised because they are never what you expect but are always interesting and allot of the time they are just great photos.

You don’t get this with digital and that’s a big reason why tend to split my photography. Digital is for work and Lomography is for, well photography.

This leads me to the photos in this post. I took my trusty LC-Wide (with the square frame installed) and attached my Diana F+ flash to the winter wonderland in London’s Hyde’s Park and took lots of shots. The ones that I am most proud of are of the big wheel. I like the scale and the lighting. The weird thing was that I actually went up in the wheel and it was, well rubbish. Kind proves what you see is not always what you get.

Credits: gotsnarky

written by gotsnarky on 2012-12-21