1. evilpete
    evilpete ·

    Great portrait!

  2. gmushinsky
    gmushinsky ·

    @evilpete Thank you!

  3. chromagnon
    chromagnon ·

    I like more your pictures of Pentax K1000 (made in china) as your pictures of Asahi Pentax K1000(made in Hong Kong). I find very interesting you report about the two cameras!!! I have the pentax k1000 (made in China). All people say Pentax K1000 (China) is not so good as Asahi Pentax k1000. What do you think??

    This portrait is a fact!!!

  4. chromagnon
    chromagnon ·

    Great Portrait!!!

  5. gmushinsky
    gmushinsky ·

    @chromagnon @chromagnon I had a set of about dozen lenses for Pentax K mount as well as screw mount, my favorite is Asahi SMC Pentax-M 1:1.4 50mm (Japan), I used few other 50mm and 28mm for Pentax K mount, as for screw mount Pentax my favorite is Super-Takumar 50mm f/1.4 and I also have monolens for it.
    I used same lens with several bodies (all of them second hand) and I don't always remember whether those bodies were made in China or Hong Kong or Japan . My last one K1000 is SE assembled in China .

  6. gmushinsky
    gmushinsky ·

    @chromagnon Thank you!

  7. drdrewhonolulu
    drdrewhonolulu ·

    Tender portrait. Looks like a Yeshiva bocher is taking in a relaxing read, and is amazed by how straightforward the secular world is. "Ya now, when I read this cookbook, it doesn't have two interpretations... " Where is the mystery. Sorry if I got carried away. I just mean to say I really like it. Zai gezunt

  8. gmushinsky
    gmushinsky ·

    @drdrewhonolulu Thank you.

  9. lalouve
    lalouve ·

    this is a moving portrait! beautiful!

  10. maurosulmuro
    maurosulmuro ·

    great, absolute.

  11. gmushinsky
    gmushinsky ·

    @lalouve thank you.

  12. gmushinsky
    gmushinsky ·

    @maurosulmuro thank you

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