A Trip to the Toronto Lomography Gallery Store

I live in Kitchener, an hour and a bit from the Lomography Galley Store in Toronto. But lucky for me I go to school in Toronto every wednesday; and even better the lomo store is only a 15 minute walk down the street and over a block or two.

How luck am I??

So one day during my lunch break, really it is a dinner break, I walked down to the lomo store with my fisheye lens on the Diana F+ at my hip and above my head to document the journey.

These are the results!!

Credits: gm_mcleod

I was thrilled with the sun burst!

Credits: gm_mcleod

I have no idea how it happened but I can only hope it will happen again some day.

Maybe next time I’ll use the Spinner 360 with the film I put through the dishwasher!!!

written by gm_mcleod on 2011-03-24