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  • february

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    it was february the 11th. 11 year. after a day spent at swimming pool. our son still can play the unseen violin.. it was the last shot of the rool. I think, the most successful.. just like this. hanibale

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  • Visual travel

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  • What does your LC-A mean to you? LIVE A HAPPY…

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    Why this is my favorite lomograph? Because when I shot this I do that "Don't Think Just Shoot" Action! He was posing for somebody else then I just shot him with my LC-A+ then BOOM!

  • in the Pere Lachaise cemetary

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    I like to go and hang around in the Pere Lachaise cemetary. If you go a bit deeper between the graves you may find really calm areas. Just sit on a grave and enjoy the solitude, it's so rare in Paris!

  • Mind travel

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    i make a lomosession to Javihacefotos..he is a nice lomographer and great Friend..thanksss Javi!!!! visit his lomohome is increible!!!

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  • Ume

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    "I want to intruduce you a my new friend "Mr Rabbit"...he is very special rabbit, he is crazy, he is a bad rabbit, and he likes to hurt others but deep down i lke his personality...Deep down sure he is a great rabbit" "Quiero presentaros a mi nuevo amigo "Mr Rabbit". Es un conejo muy especial, esta muy muy loco, es un mal conejo y le gusta hacer daño a los demas...pero en el fondo me encanta su el fondo seguro que es un bueno conejo"