My Thumb Got Angry and Gave Me The Finger!

I was in the best part of Beverly Hills planning an international photo shoot dedicated to my own thumb. All of the sudden, a bus blunders by and ruins a perfectly good shot of my thumb! A picture is supposed to describe a thousand words. What could have been the best shot ever taken of a thumb actually became my worst shot because of the bus. Words could not describe the anger felt by my thumb after the big bad bus had ruined the photo shoot. My thumb got angry and gave me the finger!


  1. adash
    adash ·

    Yeah, a bus can always pop into the picture and ruin an otherwise perfect thumb shot.

  2. nanne
    nanne ·

    Love the story :) what else can I say than thumbs up Glenn! :D

  3. ehna
    ehna ·

    haha! stupid bus!

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