• I'm offcially graduated!

    written by gladys on 2013-02-03
    I'm offcially graduated!

    Yeah! I am moving to another stage of life, i finally graduated. Thank you to those who love me, you make me better. Thank you to those who hate me, you make me grow stronger.

  • Good Hobby & Bad Hobby

    written by gladys on 2013-01-05
    Good Hobby & Bad Hobby

    How much you spend for a year to develop films or purchase films? Film, is art, is beautiful, is sexy. I used to use film to take pictures, of course it is a good hobby. Whereas, I considered as a hardcore analogue user, I spent a lot of money on film purchasing or film development. Undoubtedly, I do not have any savings in the bank account, because I can't let my film cameras hungry for a second. It might considered as a bad hobby. Yes! I'm poor.