Mission: Polaroid - Part 0

Hi guys!
I’m starting to write in my blog for explain why I upload my polaroid’s photo and why I want give theirs visibility as much as possible. It’s well-know that Women like missions impossible, and my mission is discover the potentiality of my Polaroid 300.
Friends gave me for degree, and the review available on web aren’t good at all. Pros and cons. More Cons, first the automatic flash, you can’t deactivate its, second the costs of the films.
Honestly I think the bigger problem is the exposure; in fact the only parameter that I can use is diaphragm… Focus is automatic, zoom is fixed and (damn!) shutter’s time is always the same. Diaphragm’s set up are “Indoor”, “Cloudy”, “Fine” and “Clear”, like for Fuji… If only it were so easy.
I’m not an expert of photography, but I’ll try to expound what I’ve experimented, in the simplest way possible.

Credits: gibri


written by gibri on 2011-11-03