My Best Photo of the Year 2011 and a Love Story


My lomographic trip starts in April 2011, when I’m hopelessly in love with a friend (@lomike) and for the first time I’ve leaned my face on the viewfinder of my analogical reflex.
So, 2011 for me is a starting point, the beginning of everything.

I’ve choosen this photo and I will explain why:

Credits: gibri

When my friends gave me Polaroid 300, they adviced me that film are particularly sensitive, so…don’t use for sunny day, only for people or things very close.

One of theirs say:
-You can’t

And the first photo was bad. I don’t surrender myself. I’ve tried again.
Somebody say:
-Insist? You can’t do it.

The second photo is my best photo, I shouted for joy and satisfaction.

Nothing is impossible.


written by gibri on 2012-01-02