In the Beginning


Let me start off by saying how i got into film photography in the first place.
My freshman year at highschool, my scedual got switched around and i had an opening for an elective, the only thing left? photo. i go into the class thinking its a digital class, im terribly wrong. at first i didnt think much of it, untill my scedual switched again changing my firs and third, so i had photo first, i didnt know anyone in there. that switch made me make new friends, such as film photography cause i had more time to work on my assignments.

Credits: ghost

So about half way through the year i REALLY started to listen to the White Stripes. so i would check their site a few times and once i noticed, hey, they have a camera section!! the Jack Holga and Meg Diana. i though i had fallen in love. 180 dollars. damn… so i google “holga” and it comes to this site, black plastic camera… what? okay…? THEN i find out its this “120 film camera”. what the hells that!? so i ask my teacher that week if i can devolop 120 film there and she says yes, and gives me two names of people that i can talk to about it. so i talk to one of them, hell, he has a holga! i found my best friend! so a few weeks goes by, its about my birthday and my dad and i head to the Lomo store in LA and i pick up my little chunk of plastic black gold. and a roll of ilford, and i was hooked from then on. now i have a fisheye one along with my beautious holga. im hoping to expand my plastic fantastic photography with the Diana F+ Chromiac Kit. eventually i hope to get the Seagull TLR camera. but till then my holga and fisheye will always be at my side.

Credits: ghost

written by ghost on 2010-12-04


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    very nice

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    Very cool! Seems it was fate that only the photo class was left :)
    Check out how I met lomography if you have a mo…