Tired of FUHS


I’ve shot ALL around my school. in classes, at lunch, after school, and all that. And seeing the same people every day gets really boring to photograph, thats why I haven’t been shooting as much.

Credits: ghost

Pretty soon I’m going to start going down town more. there’s some good spots there.

well, i hope to share all the awesomeness that is Down Town fullerton sooner than later!

Lomo on~!

written by ghost on 2011-02-08


  1. rav_bunneh
    rav_bunneh ·

    LomoMissions for you near Fullerton: Invade Placentia, Metrocenter, Fullerton Airport, Fullerton Town Center, Independence Day (Independence Park), When Life Give you Lemon Park, Tragic Kingdom (Disneyland), Life's a Beach, Laguna Lake Park, Writing on the Wall (graffiti hunting)

  2. ghost
    ghost ·

    i should write all these down and go out over the weekend and shoot all of them. like a To Do list.

    also i'm going to shoot Hill crest park.