• Finding Vivian Maier

    written by ghidini on 2013-02-18

    One of the most interesting stories about film photography of this decade.

  • Lomo Safari

    written by ghidini on 2012-09-15

    My father used to teach photography for 14/15 old kids - I wish I have his talent, but anyway - after some theory comes the practice and he used to finish his course with a Photo Safari. Now I'm inviting you all lomo friends to do the same.

  • Camera swap

    written by ghidini on 2012-07-15
    Camera swap

    Haven't you ever fancy experiment different cameras but never wanted to spend your money on it?

  • Anonymous on the summit

    written by ghidini on 2011-10-29

    A Kodak disposable waterproof left at Pico Parana's summit. Here's what you get

  • R U Curious?

    written by ghidini on 2010-11-03

    Click here to find out!