• Old Carl

    written by genasch on 2014-03-29
    Old Carl

    Zeiss Ikon Nettar (probably) 515/2 was bought in Minsk during my summer trip and it is awesome.

  • Beautiful Praktica MTL3

    written by genasch on 2014-03-14
    Beautiful Praktica MTL3

    I got The Most Popular blog of February Award, ha-ha. I guess I have to write another post to support my unprecedented success.

  • My first love - FED 5

    written by genasch on 2014-02-22
    My first love - FED 5

    Well, maybe it's time to write down some of my thoughts about an experience that I've obtained for less than a year of active film photography. Probably I should start with FED 5, my first film camera that was presented to me by my boyfriend parent's.