How to photoshop a globe pic

Credits: gauthierdumonde

First you need to take a pic with your Spinner 360. The pic needs to be quite level, the horizon on the left side should be on the same height as on the left side. When scanned, the sprockets have to be level too.

Open it in software and flip it vertically. Go to filter / distort / polar coordinates. execute the filter. Now you have a strange pic because the aspect ratio remains the same as the Spinner pic. Now you just have to adjust the ratio to 1:1.

I just opened a new empty square image and copy/pasted the pic into the square pic. Press Ctrl + T and you can adjust the aspect ratio.

This will be my only pic like this one because I like to stay analogue, this is to much digital enhancement for me.

Greetz Gauthier

written by gauthierdumonde on 2012-11-29

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  1. tffny
    tffny ·

    To bad it only work with a digital help but OMG this is cool!