The 70mm trick. A onetime experiment


I saw those nice 70mm pics, as they are called, and I decided to load a 120 camera with two 135 films. Ofcourse I had a great idea. What if I used a 120 slide roll and put the two 135 rolls on top of it? With a little luck the slide film is exposed too !! That will give nice results, the kind of lomo I like.

When I had finished winding the roll I felt a problem. It was not a fat roll, it was an uber obese roll, the film protruded at least half a centimeter out of the spool. I knew that when I should turn the lights on, the roll would be destroyed. So i had to load it in the dark. In tha past I did a lot of crazy stuff with my Holga, so I knew the winding mechanism of a Holga would not be strong enough to wind this fat sucker. So I took a Fuji GW690, a real beast that has also space for an obese roll and I loaded it in the dark. I nearly destroyed the Fuji, the winding mechanisme jammed at the last picture and I had to remove tiny pieces of film with needle. I hope the spacing is still OK. Next problem: I only taped the 135 film at the beginning and not at the end. So the film did not stay in place. The funny consequence is that I could build pictures with pieces of slide and normal film.

Here some results:

above fuji superia below fuji ms 100/1000 crossed.

Bye Wouter

written by gauthierdumonde on 2012-10-19

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  1. asharnanae
    asharnanae ·

    Even though it may not have worked, its great to see people experimenting. great stuff :)