La Sardina is becoming one of my favourite lo-fi cameras

Credits: gauthierdumonde

In my review on wide angle lomo cameras I wasn’t a big fan of La Sardina. I still think my review is correct, there are better wide angle lo-fi cameras. But this little camera slowly started winning my confidence.

Despite its fixed aperture and shutterspeed it actually is a versatile camera. You can influence your exposure by choosing the right (or wrong film). The Bulb setting combined with a cable release is real fun, especially when you throw in the multiple exposure function. The pictures below are taken on Bulb and flashed of camera using the Diana F+ flash (that flash has a nice ‘fire away’ button so you can use it off camera)

Credits: gauthierdumonde

FritZ the BlitZ, La Sardina’s own flash, is a little wonder too. Because you can choose its flash power. So you can get close without flashing your subject away. Or you can get close and deliberately flash your subject to pieces. It should have been better if it also had a test button so you can use it off cam. But that’s one of the tings I like about lo-fi cams. Every camera can something, but none can do it all.

Here Fritz is at its full power, lightning the cat and the wall. Without Big Blitz I would have had a silhouette.

Credits: gauthierdumonde

Last but not least I also like the lo-fi effect of the lens. It works great with black and white shots.

Fritz is also doing its job.

Actually I never thought I was going to like this camera. But it is a camera you have to learn to know, its versatility does’nt show on the first use. And no, I wouldn’t use it for shooting architecture :)

By thye way I have some ideas for some more Sardinas, what about the Flash Gordon edition? Or the Sprocket edition? No I don’t mean a Sardina that shoots sprockets but one that has a sprocket pattern as design. I know one thing, If the LSI had made only a few of these and then discontinued La Sardina, it would have become a very sought after cult classic. Now people are making condescending remarks because there are more different Sardinas then people having one.

Let’s be clear on this one, I like La Sardina ! It was already becoming a little favorite, but it was the Yashica T4 that made me realise the good points of La Sardina. I always thought La Sardina was not versatile until I used the Yashica T4 which prohibits you of taking a bad pic, and makes it difficult to take creative pics.

Credits: gauthierdumonde

Greetz Gauthier

written by gauthierdumonde on 2012-10-15

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