Journal of a lomographers saturday


7.15am Coffee and email. Normally I read the paper but today I decide to check my mail. I’ve got an email from about me being a lomo-guru. I have to fill in a questionnaire. I answer the questions and send a reply.

9.00am Shopping time

11.00am I decide to do some doubles. I load my camera, mount a macro lens and I start shooting close ups from books. I try to shoot the subjects of centre. I rewind my roll.

11.30am Walking to the city centre with wife and daughter. Shooting walls and buildings.

12.00 Drop the roll at the photolab and go for a pizza next door (Eat Love Pizza)

12.30pm Pick up the processed roll.

13.30pm Back home. scanninng and uploading. I have an idea about making a filter for my Hasselblad. I make the filter but it doesn’t work out. A filter with cardboard doesn’t work because the back won’t attach. Reworking the filter and mounting it in my Diana. It does not fit. Reworking the filter and mounting it in my Holga. Finally it works. I put in a roll of Fuji provia slide film and take two shots at home.

16.13pm Going to the city centre by bike. Just shooting away.

17.25pm Back home with one cross-processed roll of Fuji Provia. Straight to the scanning !

18.30pm Bath time !

19.30 uploading and eating.

20.00pm writing this blog. Gonna make a wall and watch tele. Enough Lomotograpghy for today.

Some results from my morning roll.

Was Banksy in Ghent?
Yes I read books about how lenses are built.

Some results of my afternoon shoot:

Credits: gauthierdumonde

So how was your saturday ?

Greetz Gauthier Walter Wouter

written by gauthierdumonde on 2012-09-22

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  1. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    Your Saturdays sound a lot like mine, hee hee... ;-)