Picture of my Dark Room


It wasn’t an easy shot to do, because it was quite dark in my dark room and the Polraid 600 hasn’t got a tripod mount, so I had to do the framing handheld. Personally I think I framed it well and the shot is nicely balanced. My second concern was the Impossible Project film, it renders colours really weird, so I didn’t know how the black was gonna come out, but I think The Impossible Project film gives a nice touch off depth to the darkness.

Credits: gauthierdumonde

Before you think I might be a gifted artist, I have to tell you the idea isn’t new and I stole it from a piece of art that’s currently in the cathedral of ghent.

Credits: gauthierdumonde

Here you see a contemporary version of Flemish painting, it’s real huge and it’s real black and meant as reaction to the current stream of direct images that’s coming at us everyday. I like it. I still have to find an arty meaning for my pic. Maybe it is about dislocation, because it could be taken in any dark room, not only mine. I also only exhibit my pic only in totally dark places. So you can’t see the white, you can only see the black (if you know where to look ofcourse). Only for scanning purposes this picture was allowed to leave the totally darkened room where it is exhibited. So in way it poses existential questions: does it exist when you can’t see it? The great philosopher Andrew Eldritch sung “I don’t exist when you don’t see me”

And suppose you find it and touch it in the dark, do you really touch the right pic or just another polaroid???

Anyway I like the framing !

written by gauthierdumonde on 2012-08-18


  1. wv_cactus
    wv_cactus ·

    The detail in your 1500th photograph is amazing.......... Congrads.......

  2. carlos_perezderozas
    carlos_perezderozas ·

    Should call the MoMA's director. Good job! Seriously, nice idea.