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I already have a perfectly working Leica IIIa from 1938, but I was able to buy another one for a little price. It looked perfect, shutterspeeds seemed perfect and I hoped to make some money out of it. Always a bad plan. A Leica III is difficult to load. I have loaded lots of cams, and I can tell you, getting the film on the sprocket wheels is difficult. When my first film returned, I knew for sure that I had it badly loaded, the sprockets were exposed etc. Some strange effects also occurred, the film clearly touched the shutter, slowing it down and creating a nice lomo effect. My second roll, I was pretty sure it was loaded correctly, but the same strange effect occurred, not on al frames. So my third roll I defenitely loaded 100% correct. And still the same effect occurs. So know I can’t sell it for two reasons, I can’t make any money out of it when I tell the thruth (It is easy to fool someone because when you fire the shutter, without a lens and without a film, it seems perfectly okay). And I wanna keep this little bastard just for the funky effect.

Some examples from my last roll, it was a redscale film, but some pics had so little detail I converted them to black and white.

two of my second roll I really like:

Credits: gauthierdumonde
Credits: gauthierdumonde

Greetz !! ! Gauthier

written by gauthierdumonde on 2012-07-29

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  1. clickiemcpete
    clickiemcpete ·

    That's very odd...I had a 1A with a torn shutter curtain repaired though so I bet you can get it fixed if you wanted too, probably for under $200. Those LTM Leicas are so cool and always worth restoring in my opinion.