The Impossible Project vs. Fuji Instax

At first I was not impressed by the Impossible Project, most of the shots came out blank or overexposed. I read somewhere that their first production runs were quite faulty. But know their films give a superior retro result. The colour are everything but realistic and I like it a lot. I hope they don’t improve the film any further. Because we already have the Fuji instant. So the biggest advantage of the Imossible film is its unreliability ! The drawbacks are: the price 20 euros for 8 shots and the sensitivity of the film to light. You really have to put it immediately away from light. ome examples taken by a Polaroid 630 and a Polaroid 600.

Polaroid 630
Polaroid 600 landcamera

The Fuji Instax Wide gives a far more stable picture. It has a slight retro effect to it. I like it too. It’s reliable, good and cheaper than the Impossible films, especially when you buy your film online and ten at a time:)

Fuji Instax Wide
Fuji Instax Wide


written by gauthierdumonde on 2012-07-29