Battle of the Lomo Ultra-Wides Part two


First a shot from the LC-Wide then the Nikkor on 17mm. The angle is a bit different but I think the LC-Wide is a true 17mm.

Nikkor 17mm

First a shot from the LC-wide then again the Nikkor on 17mm, it’s from the exact same spot, but a different angle.

Nikkor 17mm

Now a shot from the supposed to be 22mm Sardina and next a shot from the Nikkor on 24mm

La Sardina
Nikkor 24mm

I think, as I said (based on my feeling) that La Sardina isn’t even 24mm wide. I’d rather give it 28 mm. So it’s wide but not an ultra wide. If you wanna have Lomo-Ultra-Wide Fun, you will need a LC-Wide.

I think I am gonna go back and shoot from those two spots with the Horizon and the Sprocket Rocket. That’s for next week.

Bye !

written by gauthierdumonde on 2012-07-04

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  1. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    Dude, you're mad - but in a good way! ;-) I look forward to seeing the Horizon v. Sprock-Rock showdown!