Lomo LC-Wide versus La Sardina


I am a big fan of wide angle photography and when I heard about the LC-Wide having a 17mm lens my heart started beating faster while my mind got sceptical. Some people may find the LC-Wide a bit expensive, but try to find a 17mm lens for that price for your SLR. They just don’t make cheap full frame wide angles. The second problem with wide angle lenses is their size. When I go a day to the beach I don’t dare to take, and I don’t wanna carry around a Nikkor 14-24. Just look at the size of it, don’t think at the price.

Credits: gauthierdumonde

So a 17mm that fits your pocket really excited me. I knew it couldn’t ever match up with a pro lens but I expected at least the same quality as my LC-a. So I had to buy one. Then I realised I already got a wide angle lomo, La Sardina which has a 22mm lens. For those of you not familiar with wide angles: 17mm and 22mm is a huge difference (whereas 80mm and 85mm is not). So I decided to shoot a roll with both, always twice the same shot from the same place.

First some technical info. The LC-Wide has an exposure meter that controls the diaphragm and shutter speed. La sardina has fixed f/8 and 1/100s setting (next to a bulb setting of course). Both have two focus settings: very close and all the rest.

Now some pics.

La Sardina

As you can see the LC-Wide is much wider, way much wider. I am not going back with my Nikkor to check it. But I have my doubts on La Sardina being 22mm. Looks more 24mm or even a bit more. Anyway thats wide too. You see more lens distortion on La Sardina, but who cares? It’s Lomo.

Credits: gauthierdumonde

These two pics illustrate my feeling that La Sardina isn’t that wide, or the LC is even wider. I was very close to the Volkswagen. Here you see the advantage of the exposure meter. Belgium has very unpredictable and variable weather. I started oud with sunny weather and came home soaked wet by pouring rain. I had put an iso 200 roll on both cams. These pics are taken before the rain started to fall. The LC-wide compensates where La Sardina gives underexposed pics.

On the last two pics I just wanna tell something about the viewfinder. The viewfinder of the LC-Wide doesn’t show you the total range of its wide angle. On the pic below taken withe the LC-Wide I didn’t see the bottom off the cathedral, nor the car. The opposite goes for La Sardina, I tend to put the viewer very close to my eye and the viewer shows much more than there is later on your frame.

Credits: gauthierdumonde
So if you wanna have some mild angle and cheap Lomo fun: go for La Sardina. If you wanna have a pocket sized Ultra-Wide 17mm: do not hesitate and get that LC-Wide. By the way it’s a challenge to shoot that thing. Ultra-Wide shots aren’t easy to make, but Ultra-Wide Lomo’s are even more challenging to make.

Greetz Gauhier

written by gauthierdumonde on 2012-06-29


  1. camerabrain
    camerabrain ·

    great entry!

  2. schemerel
    schemerel ·

    I'm happy I decided on the lc-wide

  3. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    I definitevely go for LC-Wide, the lens is wider, very sharp and the lightmeter guarantees well exposed pictures. Sardina, well, it's a cheap plastic toy that can be fun, but can't compete with the LC-W...