Stereohit my new friend

Last year I got to pick up my car at the garage and while I walk to the carshop I meet the mailman who had a package for me, containing camera’s of course. So I open the package while I am waiting for my car and the garage owner sees it. “Ow” he sais “you like camaera’s, well I have an old one, it belonged too my dad but he never used it, you can have it.” One year passes and yesterday my airco goes down, so I go to the carshop. The owner sais he hasn’t forgotten his promise and he gets a Stereohit 3D camera "here it’s yours’ he sais.

Credits: gauthierdumonde

It’s a Japanese stereo camera that is only manufactured for a couple of years (round 1955) it works with 127 film and I got a roll with it (the roll expired in 1968).

I don’t think this old timer has ever taken a picture, but he is gonna take it now. Last week I consumed some 1949 Pomerol (which was still good) now I am gonna comsume some 1968 127 film. Hope that will taste as good.

written by gauthierdumonde on 2012-06-01