Framing with your Smena Symbol


This is a link to Clare eee's page. She wrote the article.

Credits: gauthierdumonde

On purpose unsharp (my wife would kill me otherwise) but framed as desired.

As my Symbol is loaded and the roll is half way, I will soon find out the interesting theory mentioned in the article. Because tomorrow I gonna use the viewfinder and try to remember what I shot. Normally I don’t use the viewfinder because I know what the angle of the T-43 lens is. I just focus and aim without looking through the viewfinder. It has always given good results.

Update. The first thing I did this morning was looking through the Symbols viewfinder, I lined it up (leftside) with a wall in my house and watched careful where it stopped at the right end (it was a chair) and then I took a shot. Then I took my SLR with 50mm lens on and it gave the same angle of view, while the Smena Symbol has 40mm lens. So Clare_eee has a point, the viewfinder of the Smena does not cover the range of the lens. But when I tried again and watched the Smena’s viewfinder again I noticed the angle of view was really small, like an 85mm. How could that happen. Well my nose was in the way, so my eye was like 1.5cm from the viewfinder. Next, I literally made eyecontact with the viewfinder, my eye touched the finder, quite uncomfortable but the angle of view widened a lot. This ofcourse does not correct the parrallax error.


written by gauthierdumonde on 2012-04-20

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  1. clare_eee
    clare_eee ·

    I've never tried sticking my eye into the viewfinder... XD Cause i use glasses... :) And since I wanted to have certain things incorporated in my picture... not using the finder didn't really help... But maybe I'd try the sticking my eye in the finder... :D