Junta beetlefriends Chile - fuscaclub ♥

I love this kind of cars. This winter the beetlefriend club decided to meet in the central square of my city, Machalí. We had a rainy day with all those aircooled lovers :D Using the super wide beroflex lens


  1. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    I love all these old Volkswagens. I have very fond memories of the dark green one we owned, when I was little.

  2. bylcuenca
    bylcuenca ·

    the one on the left looks like my vw beetle... =) www.lomography.co.th/homes/bylcuenca/albums/1938953-om-1/ph…

  3. gatokinetik-o
    gatokinetik-o ·

    @neanderthalis yes! i don't have one before, but now i own two of these cars :D and the group of friends around this kind of cars works as a team :D
    @bylcuenca oh yes it is!!! :D

  4. he-mo
    he-mo ·

    Love the beetle,love your pics !

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