Meet Lara, my friend and fellow photographer from Kyiv, Ukraine. Ever since the war started, her boyfriend and she have been nearly everywhere- bomb shelters, hotel lobbies used as sleeping spaces, and what seems like half of Western Ukraine while looking a place to stay. One night, they almost slept in tents in a field near military action because they had nowhere to stay, but the unrelenting sounds of jets overhead was too much for them. Now, they are finally in a stable and relatively safe place. However, Lara has made a difficult decision to move elsewhere by herself in search of work to be able to help her relatives. And there are quite literally millions and millions of Ukrainians with stories like this. Some are more, some are less fortunate than others. Some are lucky enough to live to tell their stories, while others are gone forever. If you're reading this, please help spread the word about the war against Ukraine. Our people are fighting strong, but we need the world's help. Here's how you can assist- with your wallet or otherwise- as well as find out what's going on from official, reliable sources: Some of the ways to help only take a few minutes. Please consider helping out, millions and millions of Ukrainians (including me) would love to come back home soon and live peacefully in free Ukraine. Thank you. P.S. I know that normally it's not a place for politics, but this is not the time to be apolitical. If Ukraine falls, Russia's bloodthirst will not end there.

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