Dream Date

Credits: freyfrey

Once apon a time, nearly 6 years ago I was finishing high school, studying really hard to get into medical school and generally forgetting that life was for living and that there is fun to be had.
It was not a very fun time.

Then one day I met a boy. His name was Chris and he was pretty weird. When he ate corn he ate a whole cob single kernel by kernel, he stayed overnight at parties in a tent and he drove a big yellow volvo that looked a bit like a banana. He tried to make dreadlocks in his hair but they got spiders in them and he had to cut them off.

There was something about him though. It’s a cliche but he had beautiful eyes! He was fun to be around and much nicer to me than my other boyfriends. He would call me in the middle of the night to tell me about the time when he was a kid and nearly got bitten by a snake or about last year when his girlfriend had died and his best friend moved to venezuela. Or he would come over and cook dinner for my whole family while I was lstudying chromosomes and cell division.

Without even realising it he had become my boyfriend!

Credits: freyfrey

Then we had our first dream date.
It was a surprise for his birthday. He knew we were going out for lunch but he didn’t know where. The restaurant blew the surprise by asking us if we were staying upstairs in the hotel above. I said that we were.

It was a beautiful room with views of the beach, in the middle of melbourne’s cake district. delicious! We spent the night drinking torpedos (champagne and tequila from the movie betty blue) on the balcony, looking for fairy penguins at the beach and eating rum baba.

And my favourite detail seems silly but it was the soap in the hotel room. It smelt like cedar wood and geraneum and felt amazing on your skin. Sometimes when we go to nice restaurants now they have the same soap and the smell reminds us of our perfect date!

Credits: freyfrey

How I plan to recreate this date for our 6 year (!!!) anniversary with $330 Aud=250Euro

2 train tickets to St Kilda: $6
1 night in the same hotel: $185
cheap tequila: $20
expensive champagne: $40
lunch for two: $80
Saying I love you: Free

written by freyfrey on 2011-07-22


  1. harajuka53
    harajuka53 ·

    aww! how cute i hope u win this its really seems amazing!!!

  2. lomomentos
    lomomentos ·

    Yeah. St. Kilda! I hope you will WIN. Beautiful story.

  3. aroninvt
    aroninvt ·

    So much cuteness! I hope you guys win!

  4. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    Hope you win!! However, for the long run... how employable is this boy?

  5. freyfrey
    freyfrey ·

    @Herbert-4, I'm not sure what you mean but yes he's a great lad.

  6. nural
    nural ·

    thats so sweet!!!