• Christmas time

    shared by julia_adele on 2011-10-11

    I was experimenting with my new Diana Mini and this is some of the photos that resulted.

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    More details on the Nikonos V here:

  • Afternoon Snorkel

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    Madivaru, Maldives

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  • I won't ever stop loving

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    the sunrises at the beach, and waking up to a freshly rolled stogee

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  • .Splitting a Roll.

    shared by reneg88 on 2012-10-05

    Trying out some experiments with the splitzer.

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  • The Sea Salt Experience

    shared by vicuna on 2010-09-07

    I used this film with my fisheye with submarine case. Unfortunately, my submarine had some water leaks and the salted seawater came inside the camera and the film... When I gave it to my usual lab, they told me they couldn't process it as the film was wet... :( So I waited for a solution and let the film like that, unprocessed, in my room. After a month, I noticed that some strange signs of corrosion were to seen on the film canister, and thought that perhaps there was something interesting happening inside! But how could I process it??? And there I thought that this could interest Mr LabRat himself: Mandi! I wrote him and asked if he could process the film for me. And finally, almost 3 months after being shot, after a long maturation time and some special treatment to dry and process it, the pictures are here! Thanks a lot Mandi! ;)

  • .Snap.Click.Repeat.

    shared by reneg88 on 2012-01-15

    On the first of January, 2012 I loaded my LC-A+ and started snapping away whenever I would go out to do something fun. These photographs turned out. :)

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  • Both sides of the daily life

    shared by hodachrome on 2012-06-27

    Exposing both sides of the film (EBS). I shot on correct(normal) side first in a sunny/bright day, at ISO400(ISO800 film inside). Below half of the lense was masked with a splitzer. After finished a roll, reverse the film (in a dark-room). Then start shooting on redscale side in a cloudy/rainy day, at ISO200. Upper half was masked with a splitzer. The order of each location is precisely the same as 1st shots. I took notes in details about locations and shot all places with iPhone, to remember locations. Need patience, concentration, and accuracy for this challenge. Plus must be careful with 'gaps' between frames. Have a look at my article about this technique:

  • Using Suizidekid's Sprocket Rocket :)

    shared by grazie on 2012-09-19

    An afternoon at the Belvedere with my friends suizidekid and he-mo. It was gloomy but it was very nice walking and shooting at the grounds of the Belvedere with them. I miss Vienna.

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  • Using Suizidekid's Sprocket Rocket :)

    shared by grazie on 2012-09-19

    An afternoon at the Belvedere with my friends suizidekid and he-mo. It was gloomy but it was very nice walking and shooting at the grounds of the Belvedere with them. I miss Vienna.

  • Fleeting Summer Flings

    written by cruzron on 2012-08-31 #news
    Fleeting Summer Flings

    Days are getting shorter, swimming possibilities fewer and far between, sadly, summer is almost over in the northern hemisphere. But, we're not ready to let it go just yet. You shouldn't either! Want to participate in a bit of end of summer reminiscence? Post your shots for a chance to win a La Sardina DIY!

  • Love Unexpected September - Labor of Love

    written by cruzron on 2012-09-02 #news
    Love Unexpected September - Labor of Love

    What do you do for work? Is it something that you live for or are you yearning for another vocation? Let us know through your photos and you can win an exclusive La Sardina camera!

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  • Travel Tales

    shared by alexroarsatlyons on 2008-08-13

    We had been travelling around Spain for roughly a week on our grand tour around Europe. We were in the scorching heat of Sevilla in southern Spain. Preparing a night out by washing down a jug of sangria at our hostel, a young Australian man sat down with us and asked us if he could sit with us. He told us tales of his travels so far, which didn't particularly interest us, he was a jockey kind of guy. Anyway he told us his favourite place he had visited was this place called Terifa, the most southern point of Spain (not Gibraltar). Next day we packed our bags for Milan. It turned out that the next train was tomorrow, we had to come up with a new plan, when we thought of this guy we thought we might as well try it out for the experience whether good or bad. After a train down to Cadiz and a bus through the hills we arrived at the walled town of Terifa with it's windy cobbled streets and bright white buildings with shaded roof terraces. The sun was setting and we wanted to refresh so down to the two adjacent beaches one in the Atlantic one the Mediterranean with the Moroccan backdrop. This is the sunset on our days travels.

  • Turn left / Linksabbieger

    shared by ck_berlin on 2010-11-17

    Double-decker at the crossroads / Bus an Kreuzung | Berlin Wedding | U-Bahnhof Osloer Straße | My first roll of redscale film.

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    Sky Riders over Barcelona's Roofs..

  • Parc Guell, Barcelona

    shared by kneehigh85 on 2012-01-08

    This is one of my favourite shots I have ever taken as it proves how happy a "happy accident can be". I hadn't planned this shot to be this way, I think it is a triple exposure as the film got caught in my camera as I had loaded it a bit wonky!

  • LC-A+ EBX - A Day Bangkok

    shared by sobetion on 2012-04-22

  • Trip to Amsterdam - Vol. 2

    shared by moodification on 2012-06-25

    We went for a little trip to Amsterdam with our dear friend artichekt. What a beautiful city! So many contrasts, still very relaxed and easy-going. The LomoStore alone is worth the travel, really a great place! I'll definitely come back again to this awesome city!

  • Amsterdam with friends.

    shared by artichekt on 2012-06-14

    A weekend trip to Amsterdam with moodification, his infamous Betondirndlbarbe and a whole bunch of *Junghühner* :-))) Good time - dear friends - great city!!!

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    Reñaca 2011

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