• Postcard From Italy

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    Summer trip around Italy: from Florence to the south of Tuscany, then Rome, then to the north again, direction home: Piacenza and Faenza's rivers.

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  • Red to burn

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    LomoHome Of The Day November 2, 2019 Thank you!!

  • Benvenuta belair

    written by goonies on 2012-12-07
    Benvenuta belair

    “Questa è la maxi storia di come la mia vita è cambiata, capovolta, sottosopra sia finita seduto su due piedi qui con te ti parlerò di goonies superfico di Belair”

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  • Dr. Zhivago

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    my dog

  • xpro Cornwall

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  • In Sicilia batte sempre il sole

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  • through thick and thin

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    if you ever find yourself lost in the middle of the sea~ never mind i got my ukulele with me. okay.

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    For this 3rd test roll, I went to a beautiful sunset spot and had the chance to shoot some kids playing to jump in the water :)) And the sunset was absolutely magic!

  • My first Sprocket Rocket film!

    shared by fisheyemary on 2011-03-03

    Here are my very first efforts with Sprocket Rocket! All photos are taken in my neighborhood, Kypseli, in Athens,Greece and a nearby park. Hope you like them!