My Top 10 Lomographers: So Far


upic, she has a great eye for art; she takes amazingly interesting photos with great composition!
She posts only a few photos per album but those photos are of amazing quality.

Credits: bravebird

weidong, he’s got the most adorable cat i’ve ever seen, Ziggy! Plus his EIR shots are amazing.

Credits: weidong

hodachrome, he always has wonderful colors in his photos; and his upside down doubles always catches my eyes.

Credits: hodachrome

dogma, he’s got awesome photos, especially his sprocket and perfekt shots; plus The LomoStar filter.

Credits: dogma

bkspicture, amazing black and white photos, and great pinhole photos!

Credits: bkspicture

edmund_li, he has great photos especially the ones from tibet and the wedding album; he also has great Fuji Natura Classica photos.

Credits: edmund_li

russheath, he has great panoramic landscapes through his perfekt photos and spinner photos; and his family photos are adorable.

Credits: russheath

stitch, he has great photos, composition, and colors. His photos are really interesting to look at.

Credits: stitch

bravopires, he has great landscape photos, and his photos have amazing colors

Credits: bravopires

stouf, his photos have great colors, and great composition. He also has amazing macro shots

Credits: stouf

I would’ve continued listing this if it weren’t for the limit of 10 lomographers.
To these 10 people, please continue doing what you’re doing, I really admire your works! :)

written by feelux on 2011-10-18


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    thanks a lot, feelux!!

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    @weidong, @upic, @bravopires You guys are most welcome! :)

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    thanks man ;)

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    Thank you so much dear friend ! I feel super proud now ! : ) Take care

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    You are most welcome, @stouf! Lomo on! :D

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    Awesome top 10 ! Thanks for the discoveries !

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    Nice selections, it cant be easy to single out so few from so many great photographers.

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    Thanks very much for this, my friend!! I'm really touched! :D

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    Nice post! Some of them I´ve already known, but it was great to know the others!

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    There are some beautiful photos here!

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    great pics !!!

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    Great selection! The colors on some of this photos are unbelievable! Thanks for sharing :)

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